Aberdeen International Business Park, Aberdeen

Sector: Commercial
Products: Stick Curtain wall & Façades


Bowmer and Kirkland


Keppie Architects

This project was completed in May 2015 and utilised Schuco FW60+ stick curtain wall, high performance solar control glass and lightweight stone rainscreen cladding.

Henshaw had to develop an innovative approach to the façade to ensure early completion of the weather line of the building. Originally designed with SFS back up wall structures to support the stone cladding Henshaw designed a method in which the stone could be supported directly off the curtain wall frame after the weather line was completed. This also removed the risk of interface details with the SFS.

This is the testimony of Darren Stoker the Project Manager for Bowmer & Kirkland (original email available): -

“We employed Charles Henshaw to design and install a building envelope package at Aberdeen International Business Park in 2014

The package comprised of the installation of Schuco Curtain Walling, Rainscreen Cladding, Stone Cladding and Doorsets, to an order value of £3.8million

They were diligent and proactive in the design process and commercially aware of the financial constraints to the budget and worked with the team to deliver a successful project

We have employed Charles Henshaw since the completion of this scheme and will continue to work with them in the future.”