Grosvener House, Sheffield

Sector: Commercial
Products: Stick Curtain wall & Façades


BAM Construct NE


Leonard Design Architects

Cavendish Exterior

The main element of the building had an end user that required specialist security measures and the Schueco FW80+ XR enhanced system was used.

There were also aesthetic requirements to be considered. This was successfully achieved by designing, a significant number of new face caps and new dies all finished in Anolok bronze anodised.

Terracotta vertical and horizontal features were designed to be supported off a continuous curtain wall. At low level the “all glass” external appearance was provided using the Scueco FWS60+SG system.

Pilkington Suncool glass coatings were incorporated into the required glass unit specifications to meet solar, light, guarding, wind and blast enhanced loading requirements.

The project was delivered successfully, utilising BIM, on programme and with Henshaw receiving significant praise from those involved for completing the envelope to a very high standard.

Cavendish Exterior